No compromises.

Finding one’s therapist ought be more easy-going, but that need not compromise patient privacy, nor a therapist’s license and ethics.

You should not pay for referrals.

It’s unethical. We don’t ever want to be a part of jeopardizing a client getting appropriate care. Besides, fees just get in the way of patients finding the therapist who’s right for them. We will never ask you to pay for a referral. We are confident in our business model - it’s based on helping you in other ways.

We design things to be HIPAA-compliant from the get-go.

When it comes to PHI, we employ the highest standards of patient confidentiality and data protection. We aren’t taking any chances and you shouldn’t either. For more on our Business Associate Agreement, a contractual guarantee that we will safeguard patient’s PHI to HIPAA technical standards thereby shifting the legal liability of any improper handling of PHI on our part from you to us, write

With technology, we maintain a watchful eye.

As technology comes more and more into the health world, new challenges emerge. We regularly turn to a panel of supervising therapists who oversee our design process. We are vigilant about staying on the cutting edge of all guidance from associations even when not regulated to do so. Because why not? In our world, it’s about real people, real outcomes. So doing the right thing just made sense.