Introducing Ivy Pay

Finally, a credit card option tailor-made for therapists.

Get $1000 in free charges
with your invite code.

Ivy Pay makes it easy for clients to put a card on file, so you get paid.

Easy charge

Take payment with a push of a button - you can charge the client's debit, credit, HSA or FSA card on file.


Less hassle than cash, checks and dealing with swiping.

Instant pay

Direct deposits sent right away and arrive in your account as soon as the next day.

Protects your license, too.

Rest assured, Ivy Pay is designed to be HIPAA-secure and includes a Business Associate Agreement.

  • Helps protect your license
  • Makes sure client relationship is never revealed

Trusted by therapists.

"You just push a button and then you’re done — there’s no dealing with checkbooks or a reader. It’s so easy to get clients signed up. All my clients are on Ivy Pay and want to keep using it."

Diana Perkins, LMFT

"A client recently told me at the end of session that using the app makes things much easier and that she is glad she doesn't have to bring her checkbook or take out her card. Thanks Ivy Pay for enhancing my clients' experience."

Robert Buonfiglio, Ph.D.

What clients are saying.

"Swiping my card at the end of every session is a total hassle, with Ivy Pay it's so easy for me to pay my therapist."

"It's so easy. I don't have to bring my checkbook anymore. My therapist was the only person I wrote checks to."

For a limited time

Get $1000 in free charges with your invite code.

Limited supply. You must be a licensed therapist to get an invite code.